Realist Makina Yandex.Metrika counter



RMB Series Dying Machines are produced from 5 mm 316 quality stainless steel to increase high temperature and chemical resistance. The densely perforated drum and its perforated structure on the beaters allow more active dyeing by transferring the water between the inner drum and the outer drum into the drum intensively in the sprinkler system. It contributes to water, chemical and energy savings with its low liquid ratio, easy and practical maintenance advantages with its conical fit, shaft bearing, long-lasting epoxy paint and fiber body that increases resistance to corrosion. With the dosing system of dyeing preparation tanks, it has the ability to take chemicals from the machine to the tanks, from the tanks to the machine and dosing chemicals. With the help of this system, it provides convenience to the operators so that you can dyeing more sensitively.