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2014 'SINCE
The history of jeans washing business in the world goes back to 1950. After the use of jeans became a fashion factor, using stone, enzyme, bleach, potassium and laccase to give effect to jeans in special machines came to the agenda and the sector continues to grow in 70 years in the world. Continuous inventions are made in the sector to better manage costs. The jeans washing machines network grows in countries where labor is cheap, which we call third world countries, due to the characteristics of the textile industry.
Realist machine was established by Süleyman Ebeköy and Mehmet Dönmez in 2014 to manufacture jeans washing, squeezing and drying machines. The company aims to sell in domestic and foreign markets and has achieved this by aiming to be in the top 3 in its sector.
38 people are still working in the company. Continuing its exports to countries such as Pakistan, Bangladesh, Uzbekistan and Tunisia, our company aims to increase its sales network steadily every year.

Our Vision

It aims to be among the top 3 companies that contribute to its country and its sector with an innovative production approach in line with the goal of sustainable, environmentally and human-friendly growth and that determines its products, technologies and human resources with this growth approach.

Our Mission

Our basic principle will be to manage all our services and investments with the principle of benefit for the environment and people, with the understanding of offering quality products by emphasizing respect to its customers with innovative and technological approaches in the sector.